Dr. Crane unleashes Sinister Cross on CPW!!!

Dr. Douglas Crane unleashed his undefeated "Monster" on CPW (Championship Pro Wrestling) this past Sunday in the form of the 6'9", 292 lb. "Sinister Cross"! Cross was victorious in his CPW debut after overwhelming his much smaller opponent. Despite the previous reign of terror Dr. Cranes' "Man-Thing" and "The Living Nightmare" Griffen has been on in CPW (and elsewhere), Crane has outdone himself this time! The big question now is...who can step up against this psychotic trio lead by this devious mastermind? Standing 6'6"(Griffen), 6'7"(Man-Thing) and 6'9"(Sinister Cross) at a combined weight of nearly 900 lbs., Dr. Douglas Crane currently controls 3 of the most unstoppable forces in the tri-state area!

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