While Elite Pro wrestler "The Living Nightmare" Griffen and his twisted psychiatrist Dr. Douglas Crane have not been seen at a local Berkley Springs, Wv based promotion in several months, it is only now that photos have surfaced documenting the circumstances in which they were suspended indefinitely.
During a match with indy wrestler "Draven", Griffen climbed the scaffolding and chokeslamed him to the ground below. Following that, Griffen pulled two female wrestling fans from the front row and tossed them to the ground in order to grab their chairs to inflict more damage. At this point, management called in the Berkley Springs police force who, with the assistance of a number of the wrestlers, finally managed to arrest both Griffen and Dr. Crane and remove them from the building.
When asked about the incident, Dr. Crane released this statement. "This is an outrage! It took half of the locker room and Berkley Springs' finest to remove us! We didn't do anything wrong!"
Griffen and Dr. Crane can be seen on Saturday, November 21st at the Keyser Middle School in Keyser, WV at CPW:Legends of the Fall. For more information, visit www.cpwwrestling.com/nation
If you are interested in becoming a professional wrestler, click on the link located on this page or call 301-697-1909 for more information.

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